Thursday, July 5, 2012

It has been raining most of the day so I finally can catch up on inside stuff.
YAAAA!. We have veggies!! Everything is about 1 month ahead which is great. The produce season is just starting to begin and we have tons of yummy veggies. Call in with your orders now!! We have: Green Beans -- $1.50/lb Pickling Cukes--$20/half bushel Beets--3 of $1.00 or $12 for a half bushel Heirloom Beets (Candy Cane)--3 for $1.00 Cukes--2/$1 Zucchini -Yellow and Green-2/$1 Tomato should be ready hopefully next week. $1.00 per lb or $22 per bushel All things are picked to order. Let me know how I can help you. 801-546-1439

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