Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sorry for the long delay, we have been BUSY!

I know it is July and I haven't posted yet for the season. We have been super BUSY on the farm. We started planting on April 15 and haven't finished yet! We have tripled the operation from last year, so we should have a lot of yummy veggies. We have 140 tomato plants with lots of heirloom varieties. We have also added quite a few non-GMO heirloom veggies. We just decided to plant corn so be ready in 75 days!
The good news is that the early veggies are finally starting to produce. We have:

Peas, Peas and more peas - sugar snap peas, little marvel (where you have to shell them) and my favorite heirloom non-GMO
Swiss chard - green and non-GMO Bright Lights
A few beets

Coming very soon:

Green Beans
Yellow Squash

Let us know what we can help you with. We will be out working!

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