Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain, Glorious Rain

We are loving all this rain. Not only is it great for our garden and making things look amazing, but we are not having to spend time watering. We will probably pay for it in weeding time later, but for now it is great. Last weekend, we got 1.3" of rain and this is the rain gauge since last Sunday. It is almost 1.2." Wonderful!!

I thought I would throw in a few pictures of what the rain is doing for us. These are our potatoes. We have already hilled them twice and they are over 1 foot tall.

This is a sweet potato plant. It is small, but it was planted later than everything else and started as a little stem. The plants will get huge.

This is a cabbage plant. It too started out small, but in the last week has exploded. We should have cabbage in the next week or two.

This picture doesn't do the tomato justice. It is almost 3 1/2 feet tall. It too has exploded in the last week.

Here is the swiss chard, which is full swing. We have been eating tons of it and loving it. Our very picky 3 year old even likes it.

Thanks for looking and keep checking back. It only gets better from here on out.

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  1. my mouth is seriously watering...I am going to have to come visit your farm. I want to know how to grow sweet potatoes!!